Uncertainty decoding for Kaldi
Uncertainty decoding for Kaldi Documentation

This page provides code to perform uncertainty decoding in Kaldi.

Licence and citation

This software was derived by Yann Salaün and Emmanuel Vincent (Inria) from original Kaldi code and it is distributed under the terms of the Apache license, version 2.0.

If you use this software in a publication, please cite

Yann Salaün and Emmanuel Vincent, Uncertainty decoding for Kaldi, http://ud-kaldi.gforge.inria.fr/, 2014.




Note: This software was developed for version 1933 of Kaldi, that is the version required by the Kaldi baseline for Track 2 of the 2nd CHiME challenge. It may work without change for slightly more recent versions of Kaldi, but it must be adapted in order to work with the latest version.


The result is a new executable: gmmbin/gmm-latgen-faster-unc which is identical to gmmbin/gmm-latgen-faster except that it takes feature vectors consisting of the concatenation of the mean and the variance of the features as input.